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Timely and regular physical examinations are the key to keeping your pet happy and healthy. Our doctor will examine your pet from nose to tail to provide the best care possible in times of illness as well as early diagnosis of previously undetected problems. We offer several different exam types to best suit your needs. New pet exams We welcome new patients! This exam will introduce you to our practice and help get your pet on the road to good health. Preventative Medical Exams The linchpin of a long and healthy life, regular checkups keep your pet in prime condition and provide point of care with our doctor and staff to address any and all routine concerns. Geriatric pet exams Older pets need special care! We recommend our senior citizens have twice annual comprehensive exams and diagnostic tests as indicated. Medical Exams Illness and Injury Whether it’s diarrhea, itchy skin, or a broken bone, our doctor will examine your pet and provide diagnostic and treatment plans to fit your pet’s needs. Unlike many practices, we don’t have a required list of tests that need to be run on each and every patient. We realize all cases can be different based on a pet’s age, symptoms, and history. We use common sense and observation to determine the best and most affordable course of action for your pet’s special needs. Grooming and Daycare We are thrilled to announce we can now offer Grooming and Daycare services through our convenient adjacent new facility My Dog’s Spot! Please come check out all the fun and excitement as well as meet our new groomers Marissa and Jamie! They do a fantastic job and we are very excited to welcome them to our facility!


Pets need dental care too! Many pets suffer the same dental problems as people including gingivitis and periodontal disease. These conditions put them at risk for loose teeth as well as heart and kidney problems. We recommend biweekly brushing at home to limit plaque and tartar build up, but often pets need a thorough cleaning. Ultrasonic scaling is performed under a general anesthesia both on the surface of the tooth and up under the gumline. Dental cleanings at pet grooming spas only get the most obvious tarter on the surface and often cause even more problems. When bacteria gets into the gums it can cause bone loss around the tooth. This leads to loose teeth that may need to be extracted. We only extract teeth when medically necessary and try to help owners understand that having missing teeth is far better than having sore,painful,and infected teeth! In fact, most pets eat afterwards with no problems at all. We follow our cleaning with a polishing to smooth the enamel and slow the accumulation of tartar.


Xrays can typically be done without anesthesia and you can be present with your pet for the entire procedure save the moment the XRay is snapped. OFA radiographs for Genetic Hip Dysplasia screening require a sedative or general anesthesia for best results. Xrays generally take 15-45 minutes with same day results and are often scheduled during surgery time.

  • Orthopedic Xrays
  • Whole Body Xrays
  • OFA Examinations


We understand surgery and anesthesia are never just routine. Our doctor has extensive experience in soft tissue surgery and practices strict hygiene and sterile technique. We conduct most surgeries in house, although we refer complicated soft tissue, neurologic, and orthopedic surgeries to convenient nearby specialty practices. All surgery patients are required to have Pre-operative blood testing to make sure they are healthy. Following blood testing, our technician places an intravenous catheter in their foreleg for anesthetic and fluid administration, as well as for any emergency drugs that could be required. We then place the pet under gas anesthesia, by way of a tracheal tube, the same way they do in human hospitals. We use Propofol and Isoflurane gas, which are two of the safest anesthetics and have the added benefit of a quick recovery. Most patients are sitting up within twenty minutes of their procedure. We also give all patients pain medication both in the hospital and to follow up with at home. We know how scary it can be for pets to be in an unfamiliar place, so we encourage families to visit patients after surgery and to bring in toys or blankets with a familiar smell to keep them comfortable.

  • Spays/Neuters – Spays Limited by pet size and age, call for more information
  • Exploratory Surgery
  • Ear Hematoma
  • Mass Removals
  • Wounds and Abscesses
  • Biopsies
  • Bladder Stone Removal
  • Intestinal or Gastric Obstruction
  • Eye Enucleation
  • Entropion Surgery
  • Splenectomy

In-House Diagnostics

To best serve our patients, we offer a comprehensive in-house laboratory for all your pet’s needs. Results are typically available within fifteen to twenty minutes and we offer same day Preanesthetic blood work for each surgical or dental procedure so you won’t have to wait days to weeks for your results. For those tests that need to be sent to the outside laboratory, our computer system is synchronized with the lab, so we get the results back to you as soon as possible. Our in house laboratory can run many tests including:

    • Blood Chemistry Panels
    • Thyroid Testing
    • Adrenal Testing
    • Bile Acids Tests
    • Feline and Canine Heartworm
    • Fecal Ova and Parasite Exams
    • Giardia Testing
    • Cytology
    • FELV/FIV Screening
    • Pancreatitis Testing
    • Feline ProBNP Heart Screening
    • Complete Urinalysis with our Innovative Sedivue Urinalysis Machine
    • Fungal Cultures
    • Pathology*
    • Allergy Testing*
    • Canine DNA Testing*

* Provided by our Outside Laboratory


We offer hospitalization for routine and surgical cases. For extremely critical or emergency cases, we may refer you to a nearby Emergency or Specialty clinic for the best possible care and round the clock monitoring.

  • Hospitalization for Illness – Per Doctor’s Discretion
  • Post Surgical Care
  • Dropoff Exams for your convenience


We have a comprehensive in house pharmacy to better serve our clients including antibiotics, NSAIDs, heart medication, allergy medication (including Cytopoint), and more.

Prescription Diets

We carry prescription diets for various medical conditions including kidney disease, urinary tract health, food allergies, and weight loss. These foods are available only under the doctor’s recommendation, like any other prescription.

  • Purina Proplan Vet Formulas
  • Royal Canin


We offer the latest and most effective Heartworm, Flea, and Tick control trough our online pharmacy. These products are by prescription only and available to patients with a current heartworm test and examination.