We are a pet friendly family living in the Countryside area of Clearwater. We have been loyal patrons of Dr. Jezek and Dr. Sullivant for at least 15 years and find great comfort in knowing we have such a knowledgeable and caring vet near by. Our pet family of dogs and cats has varied in size from 3 to 5 over this period of time and we always seek only the best care for these loved friends. The care and friendliness starts with Kim at the front desk and continues throughout the visit.

If you are seeking a quality veterinarian with a true love for animals, we highly recommend the Palm Harbor Animal Hospital.”

-Margie and Al


Drs. Jezek and Sullivant have been our dogs’ veterinarian since 2005. Prior to that, we had been to other vets in the area. Palm Harbor Animal Hospital is by far the best one we have established a relationship with. Drs Jezek and Sullivant are extremely knowledgeable, compassionate, professional and caring. Their staff—Kim, Gabrielle and Renee are efficient, friendly and caring as well. I recommend Palm Harbor Animal Hospital to anyone I know who is looking for a reputable veterinarian.

-Jean Deblois (Palm Harbor, FL)

Our Miniature Schnauzer, Bridget, is hands down under the best care by all the staff at Palm Harbor Animal Hospital. Bridget in ten plus years old, and she is in need of more health care, often costly, as time marches on. We feel the pricing is very fair, but moreover, she’s receiving the closest and most accurate diagnostics and treatment than she has with two prior veterinarians. We’ve been with PHAH for more than four years now, so we trust the doctors and staff implicitly. Everyone is extremely courteous, friendly, and they take their time to explain everything we’d like answered. Kudos to Palm Harbor Animal Hospital!

—Mick & Tricia D. (Oldsmar, FL)

My pets and I always feel welcomed and the staff shows considerable attention to my “babies”. Dr Sullivant has a down to earth empathy towards my dogs and I.

—Will Thomas

My husband and I are new pet owners. I was very nervous about the vet visit. Everyone at the hospital made me feel at ease and welcome.

—Tina Jenkins

We were very happy with everything concerning our pets. Especially, that our 20 year old cat had his matted fur shaved. He looks and feels much better.

—Margaret Fiala

“We moved to Palm Harbor in 1988, and since then have owned (or been owned by) a total of eight cats, two ferrets and a dog. Dr. Jezek and, more recently, Dr. Sullivant, have taken great care of our animals for all of those 23 years.

Three of our eight beloved cats (Smudge, Sunny & Tom) have passed on, all at the age of 17, and all were treated with love and dignity throughout their lives – and at the end – by our dear veterinarians and staff. The ferrets, Caitlin & Pixie, also lived long lives, with regular check-ups and treatment by Dr. Jezek. He actually saved young Pixie’s life when she unexpectedly came into estrus – despite supposedly having been spayed – and he managed to surgically remove the miniscule remaining pieces of ovarian tissue. She went on to enjoy eight years of a playful and happy life.

As “Cat People”, our family and friends – and the staff at PHAH – were surprised when in 2004 we brought home a dog, Jessie, who was a rescue puppy found through Petfinders.com. Supposedly (and probably) a rat terrier/Chihuahua mix, Jess settled in well to a life with way too many cats. However, she suffered an anterior cruciate ligament injury on one of her back legs several years ago, and Dr. Jezek once again performed his magic and operated on the leg. Now, at 6-years-old, Jessie tears around our fenced yard and on her walks like a puppy.

We still have five cats: Misty, adopted as a tiny kitten from Pinellas County Animal Services (now 18-years-old); Merfyn-the-Tailless (11 – a stray who adopted us in 1999); brother & sister Smokey & Katie (rescue cats, aged 8); and young Sammie, 5-years-old, another stray who was determined to stay.

Misty and Smokey are on medications for heart/BP issues, and our veterinarians have made the dosing problems go away by prescribing liquid, tuna or chicken flavored, compounded meds which the cats don’t even notice in their food. Ever tried to give an antsy cat a dry pill? Or, for that matter, expressed a wriggling terrier’s anal glands? For the latter, profuse thanks to the doctors and long-suffering Gabrielle!

All of our animals have been handled with the utmost care and state-of-the-art treatment by Drs. Jezek & Sullivant. We cannot recommend highly enough these dedicated and expert practitioners – or their wonderful, welcoming & well-trained staff: Rose (retired!), Kim, Gabrielle and Renee.”

-Julia & Bob J.

You have been my Pet Sam’s greatest asset toward optimal health, and taught me how to become more attentive in his personal care. You are the greatest. I am proud to be a part of the Palm Harbor Animal Hospital Experience.

-Michael and SAM Wittl